Hello everyone! My name is Almurazi (Al-mer-ah-zee), but call me Razi for short. I discovered art at a very young age, outside of coloring with crayons and playing with paper mache. When I was in the early years of elementary school, a painting I produced was showcased in my town’s city hall and I was well known as the “girl who could draw”. I shared this talent with my older brother, as it was passed down from our father.
As a kid, I played in Photoshop, as well as Paintshop Pro, as a hobby and aspired to be anything from a tattoo artist (I drew up two of my tattoos) to a graphic designer. Once I was able to go to college, I started out in drawing and painting classes to enjoy my start “as an adult”, resulting in some of my pieces being presented at my professor’s gallery on opening night and neighbors commissioning me to draw portraits of their children. At the time, with college requiring so many classes for a graphic design degree (especially those completely unrelated to art), I could no longer afford to continue.
Now as a wife and mother, I wish to get back into my passion of art by pursuing my calling of being a graphic artist. I am looking forward to sharing my skills with those who are seeking work, but have difficulties affording it because of their current circumstances. With the help of DukeDavis94 Studios, I will hone in on my skills to become a better artist for the community.

Sample Artwork $240

Tier 1 package includes:
– 1 Logo $60
– 1 Banner $60
– Panels $60
– Overlay static $60 (see overlays for options)


overlay static includes revision for fit:
– please specify if you want just static panels to use or if you would like a bordered overlay. If you want a bordered overlay, i will need a screenshot of your stream (which i can get) and it will be used while i stream the creation of your overlay. (Screenshot is for alignment purposes ONLY)

BADGES == $60

5 badge pack
1 hour per badge @ $60/hour = $300 value

EMOTES == $60

Emote pack includes 4 emotes ($15 per)
1 -2 hours per emote @$60/hour = $480 value

Almurazi's license and disclaimer information

*Some artwork may contain royalty free tools such as brushes and images,
credit is due to the fine artists who created those tools

*Artwork may contain purchased stock items, this is why they are Re-Mastered,
license for use and redistribute was granted at time of purchase.

*Artwork purchased from me shall be considered licensed to the purchaser for use under-the
purchaser’s terms and can be re-distributed at purchaser’s discretion