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I am Hunter, known to almost everyone as “hUnty”. I am a 22 year old designer from Central Florida that has been freelancing for the past few years, and recently made it my full time job. I have found a passion in creating graphics for communities especially when it comes to streamers. Although I love working on banners, logos, and other branding elements, I would consider my niche the ability to draw out any ideas streamers, or other content creators have in mind to create completely custom work.

I grew up a creative mind,as an only child I would draw, and spend a lot of my time designing things. I remember sketching whatever I thought of and still look back at those sketchbooks today. When it came time for 10th grade I signed up for Graphic Design class and it stirred something in me that I have continued to pursue. I began freelancing upon graduation, and continued doing so into college. While in school I got a job working as a photo editor and photographer which I did for a little over a year in Georgia before I moved back to Florida. Now that I am back, I have dove head first into the world of streaming art and have loved every second of it.

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