Artist Visiper

Logos – Banners – Panels – Start Soon – Ending Stream – Be Right Back – Drawing – Masks – Props


Hello all you lovelies out there! I am Visiper the Dragon Pride mother here to help with all your art needs, or most of them. I am a variety artist and new to the graphic design world and Adobe. I have been around computers and tech for way over a decade now and have decided to branch off from computer repair and programming to settling my claws into sculpting, crafting, beading, ugh I guess coding too, if I really have too.
I am a proud member of Team Spoc and humbled to be part of such a brilliant, creative and outstanding community within the DukeDavis94 Studios. I hope you grow my Pride and skills with each and every opportunity given and plan to continue helping those who need it.
As for future plans, that is unknown territory and I am not a fortune teller.


Visipers license and disclaimer information

*Some artwork may contain royalty free tools such as brushes and images,
credit is due to the fine artists who created those tools

*Artwork may contain purchased stock items, this is why they are Re-Mastered,
license for use and redistribute was granted at time of purchase.

*Artwork purchased from me shall be considered licensed to the purchaser for use under-the
purchaser’s terms and can be re-distributed at purchaser’s discretion