Digital Candy Studio

Hello, I’m Cherish and go by the gamer tag FiddlingYak and now Digital Candy Studio on most platforms. I have a life long passion for creating art, a love of imagination, and design. I specialize in creating branding, business collateral, product labels.

I have been a freelance graphic designer in the bath & body industry since April 2011. I play a wide variety of games. My main game to stream is currently World Of Warcraft and Classic World Of Warcraft. My favorite games of all time are Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and The Witcher series.





DigitalCandyStudio's license and disclaimer information

*Some artwork may contain royalty free tools such as brushes and images,
credit is due to the fine artists who created those tools

*Artwork may contain purchased stock items, this is why they are Re-Mastered,
license for use and redistribute was granted at time of purchase.

*Artwork purchased from me shall be considered licensed to the purchaser for use under-the
purchaser’s terms and can be re-distributed at purchaser’s discretion