HurrikMcCoy Portfolio

Hi Everyone, my name is Hurrik McCoy, I’m an artist here at Duke Davis Studios and I’m here to use the knowledge that I’ve acquired from Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) where I studied / graduated from the Communication Arts Technology Program (CATP) majoring in the graphic design option. I’ve done freelance work for afew clients over the past year and I do custom artwork, as well as remastered and purchased artwork depending on what the situation calls for. I’m also a variety streamer on twitch where I’ll play video games, Original Music as well as covers, and I’ll also do art streams for my clients where you can watch me live, working on your orders as well as various projects where I try to better myself as an artist and develop a further understanding over how to be the best artist I can. Ideally, if I had my dream job. I’d love to work for a Charity Organization, where I can utilize my skills to help people to the best of my ability, further a worthwhile cause. Or even perhaps work at a comic book company like DC, or Marvel, or even at a more family friendly company like Disney.

Like what you’ve read so far? take a look at my portfolio then fill out an order form at and lets get started on making you something cool, something interesting, something more unique to you. when I design, I design with you “My Client” in mind, and I’m always open to any suggestions that you have during the design process. I’m far from perfect, however, I will do whatever I can to provide you with the best quality product possible.

Affiliate Package == $150

Affiliate package includes:
– 3 emotes
– 5 badges
– 1 logo
– 1 logo revision ($10 per revision thereafter)
package value:
$45 for emotes, $60 for badges, $60 for logo = $165 (savings of $15)

TIER 1 PACKAGE == $240

Tier 1 package includes:
– 1 Logo $60
– 1 Banner $60
– Panels $60
– Overlay static $60 (see overlays for options)

TIER 2 PACKAGE == $240

Tier 2 package includes:
– Start Soon static with slight animations included
– Be Right Back static with slight animations included
– partially animated transition screen

LOGOS == $60

single logo includes 1 revision
– $10 per revision thereafter

BANNERS == $60

Offline Banner includes revision for fit

Digital Paintings/Lineart == $60

This is where I take a photo of you turn you into a stylized cartoon version of yourself, as well as any background and or background items you may have.

PANELS == $60

Panel buttons for your twitch


overlay static includes revision for fit:
– please specify if you want just static panels to use or if you would like a bordered overlay. If you want a bordered overlay, i will need a screenshot of your stream (which i can get) and it will be used while i stream the creation of your overlay. (Screenshot is for alignment purposes ONLY)

BADGES == $60

5 badge pack
1 hour per badge @ $60/hour = $300 value

EMOTES == $60

Emote pack includes 4 emotes ($15 per)
1 -2 hours per emote @$60/hour = $480 value

HurrikMcCoy's license and disclaimer information

*Some artwork may contain royalty free tools such as brushes and images,
credit is due to the fine artists who created those tools

*Artwork may contain purchased stock items, this is why they are Re-Mastered,
license for use and redistribute was granted at time of purchase.

*Artwork purchased from me shall be considered licensed to the purchaser for use under-the
purchaser’s terms and can be re-distributed at purchaser’s discretion