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DukeDavis94 Royal ART Project
Do you a Sub or Mod for DukeDavis94?pick one!
Veteran, Active Duty, Emergency Service?pick one!

*** So you need a RUSH JOB? Rush jobs are double timed based on the hourly rate of $60 per hour. This means you agree to $120 per hour to get this job done before others.

Royal Artwork:these are re-mastered artwork

Duke Bows Honor

Loyalty Badges: $15 eachthese are re-mastered artwork

Duke Bows Honor

Royal Emotes: $15 eachthese are re-mastered artwork

Duke Bows Honor

Cheer Badges: $10 each1K above unlocks custom emotes

* All projects require at least 50% up front for commitment on all parties. All custom or re-mastered asset art are sold by DukeDavis94 Studios and/or artists are sold as is no refunds. DukeDavis94 Studios can make special arraignments with clients in order to facilitate completion of clients’ projects but that is up to the sole discretion of the artist on your project that you work with. If Hella_Bomb creates you custom artwork, that artwork can be used as assets in your project.

Folks have asked me many times to offer training, so I am going to open the door on this. Depending on what you want to learn and how available I am. I am going to open this up to your discretion as to what you would like to learn. Photoshop, After Effects, Premier, Graphics Design, Wordpress Design, Discord, Character Education. Really you can decide and place your information into the description box below. You can learn a world of information on YouTube. If you want assistance on learning what they are teaching I can help you decipher that also. All I ask is that you respect TIME; Time in essence is the killer of all, it is that TIME that I will potentially charge for. I am sorry; but TIME is valuable and it is a COST. So ask away if you want to be trained personally by DukeDavis94.