Order from Hella_Bomb

Order from Hella_Bomb

IMPORTANT: if you want your image or logo to be produced for print, please inform Hella_Bomb before hand. All images are created for the job requested. Images for print have to be created and require more detail, higher dots per inch(DPI) and also require CMYK print specs.

Affiliate/Partner Badges

4 for $60.00

– Sub-Badges, 4 hand drawn sub badges

Affiliate/Partner Emotes

$75 for 4

– Emotes, 4 hand drawn emotes

The Hella-Bomb


– Logo, 2 revisions, $10 each revision after
– Banner, 2 revisions, $10 each revision after
– Panels, 2 revisions, $10 each revision after
– Emotes, 3 hand drawn emotes
– Overlay static, hand drawn

* Attention: All custom artwork by Hella_Bomb can be used as assets for DukeDavis94 in re-mastering your animations; videos, transitions, widget alerts and more. You can also order emotes, badges AND COOKIES as single items too.

Order your custom art from Hella_Bomb

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Start Your Hella_Bomb Explosive Hand Drawn Project
Explosive Tier Packages - Hand Drawn by Hella_Bomb
Emotes and Badges - Hand Drawn by Hella_BombEmotes $60 for 4 and Badges are $45 for 4

* All projects require 70% up front for commitment on all parties. All custom or re-mastered asset art are sold by DukeDavis94 Studios and/or Hella_Bomb are sold as is no refunds. Hella_Bomb can make special arraignments with clients in order to facilitate completion of clients’ projects but that is up to the sole discretion of the artist on your project that you work with. Also note, you may use your logos and or banners created by Hella_Bomb in DukeDavis94 projects as then Hellas work becomes assets for the Duke to use.

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