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Dedicated Artists of DukeDavis94 Studios

Dedicated Artists

30 yrs Digital ART/Tech, video, animations & more Commissioned for hire


Live on Twitch
Custom & ReMastered Art, Sculpture, Sketch, Animation Artist and more


Live on Twitch
Custom & ReMastered Art, cosplay costumes, animations and more


Live on Twitch
Artists of DukeDavis94 Studios ~ some artists have been in ART for years, and others are just starting out learning the trade. All in all at DukeDavis94 Studios we are always willing to give everyone a chance and gain experience.


AfterDose Designs
Wolf Goddess
Over the years DukeDavis94 Studios has had some really amazing artists. As DukeDavis94 I wanted to personally thank all those amazing people we have had as artist apprentices and artists. Some move on to greater jobs, some are taking advanced courses in design, and some just have IRL that come into play. All in all I am grateful for those whom have touched our lives and made it an amazing ride.

Thank you DukeDavis94

Past Artists

@50Gaming, eaon_eternity, AfterDose, Almurazi, DaveHawk94, Dex, FiddlingYak, Gr8WhtNynja, hunnttyy, HurickMccoy, Intern-TiaanPlayz, Khaleesi303, LavaDodger, LethalTommy, OutreachGamer, RobertJR69, SaintJasin, SerpantLike, Skudmissles, SoulOfLothoric, Tronaxian, X_Lokii_x, YoMrBubba